Body, mind & Spirit

It’s only after years of consistent meditation and months of prioritising physical and mental health that it starts to become clear to me how our own being is made up of body, mind and spirit. And it’s the balance and the symbiosis between the three that is the closest thing we have to happiness.

We need thoughts, emotions and body to express our spirit, our consciousness in this world. This is how we materialise our true selves.

But it takes a balancing act to get it right. Right not by some external criteria of success, but in order to feel like we’re living to our full potential and in a place of meaning.

If we can keep our mind in check, aware and kind towards our thoughts and emotions, without letting them overwhelm and control us.

And if we can support our body, nurturing and nourishing it properly so it can help us grow, regenerate and thrive.

Then we create the perfect conditions for our spirit to shine. In a calm, infinite place of love.

Opening up and coming to the surface to express the truth of who we really are.



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Diana Irimia

Diana Irimia

Digital marketer & content creator. Love exploring the meaning of words. Remote work advocate. Student of mindfulness & essentialism. Mental Health Supporter.