Just Be

There’s so much to learn from nature.

Patience, resilience. The fact that growth takes time, but it’s inevitable; like flowers blossoming every spring.

That there’s beauty in the wild, in everything under the sun.

That everything is interconnected and we’re all part of something greater than ourselves. We feel it every time we look at the night sky, we watch the sunrise or the sunset.

Accepting the permanent change that happens all around us. Like the never-ending movement of clouds on the sky.

Finding strength in adversity. Like trees that grow stronger roots thanks to strong winds.

But the most important lesson I’ve learned from nature is the importance of just being. We’re so busy all the time, chasing goals, led by our to-do lists. That we often forget why we’re busy in the first place. The hustle becomes less and less meaningful.

But step into a forest, a countryside trail or simply in a park and take a deep breath.

You immediately understand. That sometimes it’s ok to just be present in the moment. No thoughts to chase, no plans to bring to fruition, no objectives to reach, no expectations to meet.

Like trees under the summer rain. Like plants in the gentle sunset breeze. Like meadows under the blue sky. Just breathe. Just be.



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Diana Irimia

Diana Irimia

Digital marketer & content creator. Love exploring the meaning of words. Remote work advocate. Student of mindfulness & essentialism. Mental Health Supporter.