Shadows & Light

Sitting with the uncomfortable is a skill you learn on a lifelong journey. Transformative and always teaching you something new.

Today I woke up with this image in my head:

The brighter the light, the darker the shadows.

The more you shine light on an object, the clearer you see it, better defined are its edges. But the shadows it casts behind are better defined too.

It’s the same when you spend enough time and shine enough light within. You start to see clearer and deeper, but you also bring a lot of things from those depths to the surface. And they aren’t always pleasant.

If those things frighten or overwhelm you, remember the reverse is also true — the deeper the darkness, the stronger the light. It takes the tinniest spec of light to brighten everything up and turn it into something overpoweringly good. Like that first ray of light at sunrise — blinding, invasive and glorious.

Everything’s in balance really. Dark and light can’t exist one without the other.

So if you hope to live in brightness, you have to accept the darkness.

Like Einstein less poetically but brilliantly, said:

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.



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